Sarasota County

Given the above argument, clearly, is not too likely that the Fed’s beginning in the remainder of 2009 its cycle of rising rates, so it should not have too many expectations about it to this week’s meeting. Nor the market expected to occur some movement of rates in the remainder of the year. According to a note from the Wall Street Journal, 11 of the 16 operators polled by Reuters expect the Fed to raise interest rates next year, three said that it will do this in 2011, while 2 argued that it will keep them close to zero until 2012 (projection or wish?). Leveraging low interest rates investors can do where these are maintained as seems likely, will be limited by the capacity of the financial system to generate leverage to invest in the stock market. Considering this factor, the prospects are limited. Is that the American financial system still fails to overcome its problems stemming from the crisis subprime. In fact, the Federal Deposit Guarantee Corporation (FDIC) has closed in the past few days, three new regional banks (Community First Bank, the Community National Bank of Sarasota County, and the First State Bank, with assets of US $770 million), and already sum in the year 72 financial institutions broken in the U.S., almost tripling the amount of financial institutions broken in throughout 2008 and already is the highest figure since 1992. Meanwhile, the sustaining by a few months of interest of reference in their minimum rates will affect keep the quotation of the dollar weakened by pressing in this way to the prices of commodities on the rise. Eyes of Governments point to commodity prices as the source of the next speculative bubble and is for this reason that we have already heard measures to regulate speculative behavior in this market as I told them in the article yesterday the ambition of investors has returned.

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