School Wilson Development

‘ ‘ the learning adequately organized it results in mental development and it puts in movement some processes of development that, of another form, would be impossible of acontecer’ ‘ (Vygotsky, p.118) the Gruwell teacher searched to organize the learning adjusting it its apprenticees and the mental development happened, therefore in the learning the essence is the will to learn. Check out Marc Mathieu for additional information. The pupils had believed the Gruwell teacher and it to know brought he valued them for them, then the learning happened, not only the education of contents, mainly the values, the racial respect, the mutual convivncia, the respect for the differences of the other, and the freedom concept started to exist in the group, intempries of the life already did not confuse, the obstacles were loosers for the discernment enter the moment to go beyond and also to know to retrocede. Gruwell deposited confidence in those impetuous and efervescentes adolescents. The applied methodology had a special essence that the joy despertou to know the new, to question the life, to open all the doors for an accomplishment full, ahead of the Holocausto that was its beginning lives. It helped to surpass pain and to be successful in the life, she taught the mission to transform and to infuse the respect and the equality without discrimination. For Freire the social reality in which he is inserted educating, the relations and correlations, the particularitities in the totality need to be perceived therefore no fact happen isolated of the social environment in which it was generated and developed. The perception of the Gruwell teacher in the conception of the description-social citizen, made with that the search of the intellectual development of those apprenticees was respected and valued for the School Wilson. The exchange to know between educator x educating, with passing of the time, with the experiences, the tolerant form of convivncia, overcoming of the impediments in its routines, became possible the innovative project of the Gruwell educator.

The daily writings for the pupils if transformed into book and were published in United States m 1999. The film ‘ ‘ Writers of the Liberdade’ ‘ he must be seen with I appraise for educators who search answers ahead innumerable difficulties faced in the daily one, more believe that the education has excellent paper in the intellect-social formation of each human being. The inaqualities and the absence of public politics make with that the breaking of the human rights happens in day-by-day of the people. That inside of each alive educator a Gruwell. That the respect the differences, and what he is valoroso can be accepted, that if it conquers pupil for pupil and is more than educators, let us be perpetual apprenticees and great friends in this mutual exchange, that the educandos are stimulated to the release, to be critical citizens and they can reflect ahead on its true paper of a so exculpatory society.

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