Swaddling Is

Therefore, gepuckte babies sleep more comfortable than other babies as of an adult you know the phenomenon, that at night constantly back and forth moving in his sleep, from left to right. This is often in most cases, that the / the person concerned can no longer sleep, there is thus a Schlafunterbrechnung. But not to expect babies at night as well as adults, move what do? Many desperate parents are exactly this question, given to especially at night. After you got the baby calm and it wants to put back in the bed, comes it screams it sometimes often before that and quangelt. Swaddling, that is a wrapping technique for babies, doing wrapped the baby in tight clothes. During the process you should make sure that the arms are loose on the stomach, even if the baby is tightly wound in the cloths to restrict the freedom of movement has been proven, you should make sure necessarily that one can still have enough freedom baby, it should finally not be crushed, but are only stable and quiet. Here, puts in the Middle ages often used, wrapping technique swaddling on.

How to get to the conclusion that swaddling babies sleep better at night? As studies have proven that babies, like adults cuddle a is partly, in bed with her blanket. This is because that man automatically for safety and security longs, this instinct then at night for most people that is properly in the duvet introduces to mumble. Advantages of the Puckens Gepuckte baby feel particularly safe, because the wrapping technique that surrounds her and stabilized that they are in a kind of womb environment. This effect causes it to itself baby can feel especially comfortable and therefore also better and longer sleep. Also ensures the restriction of their movement spaces that make no uncontrolled movements in bed.

This is one of the most common reasons that you wake up from sleep. As you correctly puckt you should have no experience with the swaddling babies, better to get help and advice from an experienced midwife. Also, you should distance note this should be not swaddled in warm temperatures. It takes a light & large blanket, wrapping it around the baby and arms and legs that she is tight, let still enough space so that it is not uncomfortable for the baby. If you should have problems with the wrapping technique, there are also puck bags with Velcro closures, which should simplify the swaddling. Written by pin.

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