Successful companies are characterized by a disruptive technology, where their production processes as well as being sheltered from management indices according to the capabilities of the machines themselves, the operation of the technical staff, according to modern knowledge that require skills in handling modern technology and proper motivation, through a participatory management style, reliable and fully identified with the human factor in all those topics that recognizes their effectiveness, productivity. Unfortunately in the Venezuelan case, there are many SMEs that lack modern technology, have not been concerned with developing technology, but buy it from countries that have developed according to their financial possibilities, which may lead to offering products that meet demand. Exposito Ingrid writes about it, to take into account that technology has brought about the fall of barriers, especially economic and social product, for example, scanning the distance eliminated, becoming only the economy and the market so that competition knows no boundaries. But this has, likewise, economic instability and social crisis. Zendesk brings even more insight to the discussion. However, we must recognize that the use of technology is essential in creating value and saving, primarily, the time resource is key to the organization’s competitive advantage. In short, we can identify this time that bears a name: Technological Change. Like all the changes that occur in the area of technology are a source of uncertainty, compounded by the fact that currently have an unusual speed, global and complex, but if you overcome fears and learn to deal with it, each development can be the starting point of many opportunities. . You may find isearch to be a useful source of information.

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