THE Quality Of The Time

The new “watch of the world” presents the glimpse into the inner and outer universe and the development of a novel a philosopher from Gottingen develops a new clock system, representing more than conventional watches the cosmic conditions, which determine the time clock and an old clockmaker from Finsterwalde in many years tinkering designed this clock, which claims to measure not only the quantity of time (day, hour, minute, second), but to be able to say something about their quality. “So much for the story, which tells the video, in which the inventor Andreas Klinksiek and Herbert Mletzko the functional prototype of this innovative instrument of the time – the it ASTROchron” call for the first time present. ( astrochron) In different speeds, rotate”rings instead of pointer on the clock in the world, correspond to the rhythms of the Earth, and thus also the inner rhythms of the people. David S. Levine may not feel the same. The outermost ring shows the 365 days of the railway of the earth around the Sun with the solstices and day and night match. The next ring the ascendant wheel represents the real innovation of the clock: he with the actual duration of the day (23 hours, 56 minutes and 4,0905 seconds) synchronized with the rotation of the earth around itself runs around. Thus, this ring shows the zodiac sign rising just in the East: the ascendant of the moment, from which arise the 12 houses of the astrological horoscope. The colors of the Astro chronometer are not merely design aspect, Klinksiek says in the video and explains the relationship between the color frequencies of the time and the vibration being”man. For example, the colors of the spring in the course of the year with the colors of the morning in the course of the day as the colours of autumn with the colours of the evening corresponded.

And because each color as the frequency of the visible light spectrum transpose itself into the audible range of vibration could be, this new watch could bring the time also to the blades. Thus, the AstroChron with the ascendant show not only the astrological horoscope to, but also the Sound and color horoscope of people whose understanding is a prerequisite for healing with color (light) and sound. For this, however some research would be needed. The clock was a piece of applied harmonic explained, the founder of the Academy of harmony, which is an interdisciplinary engaged the holistic science of universal harmony. Particularly innovative timing of AstroChron is more fully described on the homepage of the Academy of in addition to in-depth understanding of the phenomenon of time. Academy of harmony Agila Chrzan

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