The Sidebar And Some Extras On Your MySpace

MySpace is the area on the side of your blog entry that contains the information about you. We need to decide what you want the world to know about you. Here I explain what are the settings so you can customize your MySpace blog: Sidebar Position – Do you want the sidebar is to the left or right side of the entrance to your blog? Font Color – Choose the color you want for Sidebar Alignment – Do you want the text to focus your sidebar, you want to align to the left or the right of the sidebar? Edge – Choose what color you want for the edge of your sidebar. Interior – This is the background color of the sidebar. Show Genre – Its utility is to indicate if you want your readers to know which gender you belong. Show the State – This will show whether you are logged into your MySpace account recently.

Show Age – Do you really want people to know how old are you? Maybe … Show Sign – This displays your sign astrology. Show City – If you’re looking for people who live near you, then you probably want to show your hometown. You could even put it in the header or slogan as well: ‘Menorca Tourist Guide’ Show Status – Show your status is funny, and I think it is too dangerous. Show Country – is necessary.

I wonder which country is the people when I’m reading about them on the Net Show Date Added – This is the date that you signed up on MySpace. Show-Show Subscriptions Blogs to which you subscribe and that, therefore, you can read. View Groups Blogs – A list of groups on MySpace blogs to which you subscribe. Blogs contain groups of thematic blogs are similar. In addition to the sidebars, there are other things you can configure your blog so that the entries are more fun and more interesting. Try some of these: Wallpaper – If you have an image or picture that is online and you want to use as a background for your blog instead of using just a color, you can add the URL of the image in this section. Still Image – If you want the background image moves when the reader forward in reading the page, just in botob “fixed” or “fixed.” Otherwise, ie if the image is desperate move, please click the button to “Scroll.” Repeat Background – If you want the background image is presented again and again at the bottom you can choose to do it vertically, horizontally or both. If you want you can choose “no repeat”. Url of Music – Do you have a song that you uploaded to the Internet and you want to ring on your blog? Add the URL of the song here, and you have music for the readers of your blog entries. But do not use copyrighted songs, as you can get in trouble for it. You can use that MySpace offers free, for that purpose. Replay Music – If you play the song again and again be sure to place the check mark in this box. If you only want to touch it once and then finish, un this button. If you’re a fan of blogs, information technology, design and computers, probably will spend a wonderful time writing, reading and listening to your favorite music!

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