Wanted Old

Dear old Serafin Alarcon dear old, write you this letter hoping that when it reaches your hands you understand what I feel for you. Father, soon has to celebrate father’s day and I wish to express my appreciation for all the blessings you have given me, sometimes without merit them. Thank you for your patience and compassion, thanks for your advice always wise and timely. My father, thank you for taking me to school insurance, by lifting me with good mood, to accommodate the pillow so that you would always have sweet dreams. My old dad; Do you remember when one day I said that I wanted to go home? That I wanted to do my life my way? How to forget your sad face to give me the inheritance which had never sweated with my forehead.

However, without protest he gave it to me, gave me the opportunity to walk through my own mind knowing well that it wasn’t ready and especially prepared. Your beloved old man let me walk, you gave me freedom of judgement and I I so often ungrateful. I remember when already no money, I had when I was there eating with the pigs and your face came to the my thought, I remembered in that way I had gone and like you I despediste:-son, if you want to leave but if one day you want to come back here I’ll be waiting for you. Those were your words; Do you remember father? So, without much thought I came out of that quagmire and ran toward the House with the embarrassed soul, with my tormented conscience. I ran and ran by so many places up to my home land. In the distance a figure I saw, was yours that was in the same place where I had left. You were there standing as who hoped a boat.

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