WebsIte Development

At the end will not work as you want and need to redo your site, save yourself the effort unnecessary. Putting technology to the idea Since the advent of flash technology, everyone wants is to create it, thought that the more spectacular and more effects it has on Site is best and most creative will, saturated with endless intros, never charged Sites effects that distract us from the view instead of helping, among others. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. Do not make that mistake, first states that want to do and then find technology that will help you make the best what you want. Not having a strategy to bring traffic to the site Site You can have the world’s most spectacular, but if nobody sees it, is useless, is like having a luxury hotel in Antarctica. When you request the execution of a Site, also requires a strategy to bring qualified traffic to your site.

Do not look for the Feedback This is another of the great advantages of this means that almost no one exploits the Internet in addition to being a sales tool to collect data allows your potential customers and use them for your benefit in the medium and long term. Site seeks to capture through your data from your target and keep constant contact with them, either through periodic communications or newsletters. Not measuring results Everyone is talking about how wonderful it is to have results in real time via the Internet, but almost no one cares in measuring them, there are few that measure their statistics and more importantly, make changes according to what they tell them. The idea is not just look at the statistics and take them there, but make comparisons and draw conclusions from it. Ideally, within the budget requests a minimum of 3 months follow-up in which the agency will provide a report every month on how it is evolving its Site and if you meet the objectives.

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