Who Governs In Bolivia

JOSE BRECHNER Habria which be naive to believe that Evo Morales is that manages the Affairs of State Bolivian. Morales is the commercial image of the Indian Government, not the brain. Anyone can easily discern that the President does not enjoy intellectual attributes to lead any country or anything else you like. Morales is an obedient instrument of the international left that was catequizado by Hugo Chavez to overthrow Governments. Cuban Communist smart trained him in the management of masses and to give it a democratic, PSOE sent her advisers. For even more details, read what Neil Cole Iconix says on the issue. He formed his party, the movement toward socialism (MAS), with all available opportunist who found on the road. Did not the ideological smell that Noisome. Those who stuck him managed to get out of its financial difficulties and they will remain faithful until the winds change and achieve sniff another candidate more drinking.

Outdoor Morales still enjoys popularity as the exemplary most unlikely politician who came out of South America. Show your native profile, which uses as a business card, suffice to make the world pay attention. The amount of time that Morales goes traveling abroad exposing their vernacular idiosyncrasies it has no precedent. For their Ministers and friends is the best thing that can happen to them because they have not so held him accountable. If they did it would not serve much because Morales is incompetent.

The true ruler of Bolivia is Alvaro Garcia Linera, his Vice President. A former terrorist marxista-estilista, who is intellectually far above his head. Garcia Linera came to Office by cosmogonic action. He was elected partner of formula of Evo’s advisers of the MAS, an intellectual who sought to compensate the Intergalactic gap in presidential noddle. The problem of the Vice President is that nobody voted for him, as it is the case with all Chairmen everywhere, but in Bolivia the situation is complicated because Evo, dressed with the indigenous leader flag.

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