Argon-Arc Welding

Argon-arc welding – a widespread method of welding. In the process of argon-arc welding is peculiar only to him especially. First, the process combines the electric welding and gas welding. Secondly, the specificity welded material. In the process uses an electric arc and inert gas – argon. Welding takes place by means of a tungsten electrode, which is covered by a nozzle made of ceramics, for the protection of the welding seam from oxidation nozzle is fed argon.

Argon-arc welding can achieve amazing quality of the seam, so indispensable in the performance of thin welding. Details can be found by clicking David Treadwell or emailing the administrator. This technology allows you to work with the following materials: cast iron, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, salumin. Modern equipment allows us to achieve tremendous results and qualitative indicators of technology argon arc welding. But as in any case very much depends on employee. For welding with argon requires skilled personnel, which will guarantee that the hardware capabilities for argon-arc welding will be used at 100% and it will last a long time.

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