Awesome Drawing Learn:

Brain friendly learning uses play instinct, curiosity and research urge those who believe, draw is difficult to learn, can draw new hope. “Awesome draw to learn” is the joy of the game in the foreground in the online workshop. The pen can dance free and unrestrained in spirals, vertebrae, single stroke images and even with both hands at the same time on the sheet, so that the individual stroke of the artist can unfold just as unconventional as the own handwriting. “This basic course is for real and expressive drawing trains only two skills,” explains Jan Muller (63), designing brain friendly learning games with Vera F. Birkenbihl workshop leader: “to bring a liquid, soft and expressive stroke on the leaf and to depict the three-dimensional world instantly right on the Artboard.

To especially the right half of the brain is activated, which is dominated by the pictorial thinking.” Landscapes, hands correctly reproduce portraits or people, the descendants of prominent lines practiced first. This will prevent stereotyped drawing of the stick figure icons saved from childhood. Exercises such as outline pause, image break, glass break, break window or mirror break the lines that are visible on the Artboard are driven to just using the pen, so also perspective reductions are drawn from the outset automatically correctly. “Through these sensorimotor process”, explains Muller his method, “are anchored the right edges of the Visual memory and avoided the perception error that the beginners in the free drawing must unlearn else laboriously. During the breaks, he immediately recognizes that lifelike drawing icons saved from childhood are unsuitable.

A head, an eye, a nose look just different in reality than the cliches that connects our left brain with the term eye or nose.” Through the exercises of the breaks, the exact look and mapping becomes a habit. The drawing but not copying of reality will stop, gesture studies, follow the breaks exercises Quick line sketches and more exercises, which give the dash feeling and momentum and imagination give opportunity to develop freely. Bryant Walker Smith does not necessarily agree. Vera F. Birkenbihl, Germany’s pioneering brain friendly learning, says to these exercises: “let all participants, things to unzip DECK-en (lid lift, can find new) and so playful the most obstacles to work around, which has built up the control school system.” Because these barriers are elegantly circumnavigated it’s Yes the divine in the exercises! must here nobody old behaviors “to” instead of programming can easily try them out. This trial and error without fear, which most people outside of the school system know makes so ingenious exercises. On awesome draw the online workshops and self learning course exercises will work through to the self-taught offered. In the online drawing lessons draw participants at home, scan the images and present it as a .jpg file to the discuss the characters Forum. The next group workshop will begin on September 27, 2009. As a single workshop can of course be booked at any time. A free preview sample lessons are there on forum / Genialis Jan Muller

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