Best Gift

At Christmas time people tend to go crazy with shopping, dinner, fireworks … and finally forget the truth. A Christmas tree is not essential to celebrate … or a drink full of cider, even the most thunderous rockets, trendy gifts. It was three days to finally come Christmas.

Cristina, the mother, was proud of lights decorating their home, because all the neighbors said that was the most beautiful holiday house on the block. Hugo, the father, was proud of the huge tree filled with ornaments and garlands … He had spent much money on it and people commented that this was the most beautiful tree of all. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Asaro has to say. Sofia, the eldest daughter, was proud of the huge tree that came with the crib. It was really beautiful …

and yes, the figures of Mary, Jesus and Joseph were great … people commented that this should be the most faithful of all family. Lucas, the youngest, looked on badly. Definitely the festive mood was not the same as that of its family … people wondered why it was stated that while the child was an ingrate, because he had everything. Finally the great day. The whole family wore fancy clothes and anxiously waiting twelve o’clock at night to play their glasses with a toast. But Lucas was pensive in a chair. During dinner there was only silence. They ate and were satisfied. Cristina, the mother, reproaching the silence that had lived on food and set to music. Hugo, the father, was bitter because who would not have to pop fireworks, since no one shared his tastes. Sofia, the eldest daughter, had a big question inside … because she did not understand what it meant that manger wonderful … I felt it was something more than decoration, but did not dare ask anyone and they had discussed several months ago with her parents and since then the communication with them was not good. Lucas, the youngest, ran to his room. I did not want gifts or a Santa Claus fat-laden candies, or anything. I was sad … and almost cried hugging his bear. It’s time … and no one was how it had been planned in advance. All were empty. None shared the tastes of the other and were about to go to make everyone he wanted when Luke opened the door of his room. “Dad … going to throw you bought rockets together Would you like? – Hugo accepted immediately feeling completely happy … and almost wept as he stroked the head of his son. “Mama … Sofy … you do not like the noises that are caused by rockets, but I remembered my dad the other day and bought only from those who do lights in the sky “The two women, amazed, and they all came out the same action. While the sky was lit by the flashes of conversation took place as desired by Cristina … Sophia there, seeing the atmosphere of joy, he asked what it was for the manger. His father had no reply, because he had totally ignored. Lucas spoke: “We remember the birth of Jesus. He had no tree, no toys, no nothing … born among animals, but had all the love of his mother and his adoptive father, Joseph. Today is his birthday … and we are celebrating. He does not want gifts, wants union “And in an eternal embrace all joined.

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