Bulimi Nervosa

‘. Schools and interested teachers can contact the cashier and request extensive information and educational material. The reason for this campaign is the alarming number of young people with eating disorders. According to the results of the child and youth health survey (KiGGS study, Robert-Koch Institute 2006), nearly 22% of 11 to 17-year old youth in Germany exhibit symptoms of an eating disorder. Girls and young questions are affected first and foremost. Adults are not spared. \”And even if the disease often in secret\” runs, which or the person concerned not about wanting to speak, so it exists yet.

And who wants to conclude a disability insurance policy, must specify also the problem under certain circumstances. Either it is asked directly for a corresponding disease or it will quite simply wondered whether it was handled the last 5 years due to any problems. \”Is this with Yes\” to answer, you must also specify why. Discovered then the insurer that it is an eating disorder, is it hard to get a degree. The notion of eating disorders is broad. There are different manifestations that occur in very different forms. Zu unterscheiden sind: a) Bulimia nervosa (Bulimi) b) Anorexia nervosa (Magersucht) c) Adipositas (starkes ubergewicht) d) Binge Eating Disorder (unkontrollierte Essattacken / Fressanfalle) e) Orthorexie (krankhaftes Gesundessen) Die Essstorungen b) und c) wird der Versicherer unter Umstanden ganz einfach uber die Abfrage des BMI (body mass index) erkennen. Circumstances also the binge eating, because here in contrast to the Bulimi the eaten again is vomited, those affected are often overweight.

The about crucial question is whether treatments or not have already taken place. Neil cole gathered all the information. Eating disorders are often sessions with the psychologist, as the cause of the whole not normally in the gastrointestinal tract. Because mental illness strongly have come to a disability in recent years as the cause, you are here Insurers become particularly sensitive.

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