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Often the price is not a variable but the necessity to size mount our own equipment, according to the use that we will give, that is to say games him, work, a little both. It is when the necessity arises to choose to buy computer by components, if we have chosen east way the great dilemma arises when we began to select the components. How to choose good pieces? We are going away to center in which he is essential for our equipment. Motherboard, processor and memory. Motherboard: We must pay attention in: In socket (support for the processor) it must be compatible with the processor that we buy (to fit), and that is compatible as well with the type of processor which we put, AMD or INTEL? In the maximum capacity of ram memory that it supports: According to what we want to mount we will need to be able to add amount of memory or future extensions. Connectors for storage: To more storage and major speed, it compensates to us to watch that it has many ports SATA. Processor: We will find two important manufacturers: AMD and Intel.

In both cases a variety of powers exists, and nuclei. We have ourselves to fix to the speed that can provide to us. Ram memory: Ram memory equips to the system with more capacity and speed at the time of executing tasks. Whatever more memory, faster will work the equipment. Type of box: The denominated boxes tower, great tower, semi tower or boxes tablecloth, have an important paper. The tower surrounds and recoje all the connected components protecting to all the equipment.

At the time of choosing a tower we needed a series characteristics: Material SECC: Steel laminated in cold. Space: Air flow. Ventilators: The ventilators allow the air input/output for one better refrigeration. Number of bays (in relation to the devices that we are going to add). To consider the factor forms of the motherboard is compatible with our box. We hope that these small advice clarify a little the ideas to all those that you are thinking about montaros your equipment and you do not know clearly how to choose the components.

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