Chancellor, Personally Teaches

Personally informed on December 16, 2009 the Board of KANANGA Advanced Composites in a letter to Chancellor Mrs. Dr. Angela Merkel turned Chancellor. With this letter, the Chancellor about the current project of the KANANGA-group was educated in Magdeburg with national significance. At the same time, the Chancellor about difficulties resulting in the implementation has been informed. The KANCH Group intends to build a plant for so-called composite materials with unique properties in Magdeburg 2010 and at the same time to perfect the technology from the former Soviet Union, through further research. The project therefore has “national importance” (well over Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt,) considers the KANANGA Advanced Composites AG, to mainly because research in addition to the planned production continued to be active in the field of new materials and products of carbon carbon composites.

This research should lead to an entirely new generation of such materials and would as a high-tech location Germany/Saxony-Anhalt significantly promote modern production, science and research. In the project of KANANGA Advanced Composites AG, a close cooperation with all relevant scientific institutions in the region of Magdeburg is not only planned, but requested and discussed before. Unfortunately the German credit institutions do not recognize the slumbering in the project potential – including the availability of new markets and customers – (so far). The banks not to see (so far) able to participate actively with the necessary for the major project investment volume of EUR 50 million. The land of Saxony-Anhalt has, however, already checked the eligibility of the project and confirmed. Currently, the management of KANANGA group taking steps to make the financing of alternative ways. Because the banks but recognized as one of the important – and that does not necessarily play in the positive sense – role in the financial and economic crisis, the Chancellor about the current problems of the KANANGA project with the banks was taught.

It would be the desire of KANANGA group, that the Chancellor first familiar with the project and secondly doesn’t let up in their effort to make the banks, SME-friendly. Because it is a declared goal of KANANGA group, to market the technology in Germany/Saxony-Anhalt / Magdeburg and scientifically to promote. P.S. Explanation:, the materials making the KANANGA-group to the production based on so-called carbon fibre materials, so carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics. These CFRP materials produced a novel gas phase pyrolysis process – at the end of the process, materials with novel properties (so-called composite materials) such as for example extremely high thermal resistance and other characteristics that make it unique and versatile arise. These composite materials will be produced starting in 2010 at a plant in Magdeburg. At the same time to be researched parallel further to the materials. The technology in the former Soviet rocket technology has its origin (we refer to our Web site). Currently seeks funding partners for this project.

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