She absorbed it all and turned into small complexes, which only grew stronger over the years and is firmly entrenched in us. The first thing that necessary to overcome the complex – is to acknowledge their existence. Must honestly admit to myself that I complex on such and such an occasion. I think this problem will not arise, because their systems do we know and want them to get rid of. Second, and most important: Remember, your systems do not need anyone but you! No one is interested in what shape your nose as you have extra pounds or are afraid to speak to why the audience. In humans, their problems enough, they are not to your systems. People are anxious about their systems, they think about their problems. If you think that someone a whole day discussing your protruding ears, or not sleeping at night because of someone's complete, you are wrong.

Therefore, with the complexes can live quietly, scoring on them. You can find justification for their complexes. For example: "I'm so full, because in my family all are. I do not make sense to lose weight, I have a predisposition to obesity, such genes. "or" I can not get acquainted with the girl on the street because I am from an educated family, and the girl I need an appropriate, rather than one that meets on the street with a stranger.. " Inventing an excuse to live become much easier. But if you're still determined to fight with the complexes, the following two methods are sure to help.

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