Cheap Real Estate Financing

What really makes a cheap real estate financing in addition to low interest rates? With the purchase or a real estate finance necessary in most cases borrowing from acquirers over many years. And therefore, it is important that the financing is already designed to start and that the new owners its obligations over the long term and also regularly seen can comply. Therefore should be sure that the buyers get a real estate financing cheap for. But what makes for a cheap real estate financing? Certainly, the rate of the loan is crucial for the most borrowers in the first place. But also in the composition of credit agreements for a cheap real estate financing is reflected.

Real estate financing out of the box, for example, is always the worst solution, because it is often not matched on the personal circumstances of the purchaser and thus can not consider existing savings. So can an already besparter and zuteilungsreifer savings not only by the low-interest building society loan financing; incorporated into the It reduces also the necessary loan amount by the savings balances accordingly. More generally, it can be said in this respect also that the amount of capital is not insignificant. The more money has been saved, the lower the borrowing striking and real estate financing is the cheaper. And so the banks expect that the purchaser contributes at least 10% of the financing than equity financing, so at least the acquisition costs out of pocket can be paid. Also contracts of State banks such as the KfW should be considered for real estate financing bank financing in the eye. Also development loans of the Federal States are popular with families with children, since they are given interest-free and thus represent a really cheap real estate financing.

But also support credit collateral are required at, usually by the Bank, for the redemption of the promotional credit guaranteed. For example existing savings or time deposits, so existing equity and basic debt or guarantees of the Bank a guarantee be considered collateral. Should the borrowers who are not sufficient collateral, the Bank in exceptions, may establish the liability exemption which means that a portion of the risk the Bank is supported. Public guarantees can represent a way to obtain the required financing for the real estate of the Development Bank.

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