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eRevMax integrated management of hotel descriptions and the maintenance of prices and quotas in an application of eRevMax International has expanded its successful RateTiger series another product for hoteliers. RTSuite content is an efficient solution for centralized management of marketing content on numerous booking channels. The program works like a database, with which on various Internet sites published information such as hotel and room descriptions, contact information, offers, additional services, environment information – Central can be managed. Connected Web sites E.g. online booking portals are automatically updated with RTSuite content. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mashable has to say. Eliminates tedious and time consuming manual updates of the individual channels and information published on the Internet are always up-to-date, consistent and coherent in itself. Before a hotel booking, consumers tell usually extensively on the Internet.

Are an important criterion, in addition to the prices on the hotel and its services published Content. High-quality and up-to-date information are not only appealing, but facilitate also the assessment the potential customers, how far a hotel meets the criteria required by him. A consistent and well-thought-out substantive presence in all distribution channels is therefore essential for sales success and has a lasting effect on the image of a hotel or a brand. Hoteliers must become more efficient in the management of their online presence, in offered prices and availability, as well as in terms of published content. Our product provides the necessary performance and hotel information on the relevant sales and marketing channels and facilitates the administrative burden enormously,”said Michael McCartan, Chief Operating Officer at eRevMax international. Content decision! Consumers require up-to-date and detailed information which are manually hard to maintain. Soon RTSuite content is marketing channels to the central coordinating body for the management of all, including the sale catalog, website, travel agencies and online distribution platforms. This ensures that the right information at the right time are public.

Our product helps hoteliers, optimally position their home.” RTContent was first presented at ITB 2011. The program is Web-based and available as an add-on module of RTSuite. Soon the database functions be expanded to other areas of content management RTSuite content. by eRevMax Inc. / Jasmine Keller

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