Client Communication

Communication with the client is atomized and totally disconnected. Much of this communication is informal and there is no record of actions or results of such communications. This creates busywork, delays and problems that do nothing more than generate waste of resources and inefficiencies. Promises made by the seller without official support, commercial transactions and no documentary basis, tricks used to display results, etc., are just some examples of situations generated by lack of efficient customer communication channels and a backup of information appropriate for each of the interactions with the customer. At Robotics expert you will find additional information. Ignorance of the client, which generates a large amount of work and wasted resources. Marketing ends up spending a lot of money on campaigns and activities that are not effective. What’s more, many times not even known which was the effectiveness in real results of a campaign.

Sales ends up visiting a lot of poorly qualified prospects. Credit: Peter Asaro -2011. The company ends up investing in the development of clients that are not really profitable or not have potential. Generates a quantity of material which is delivered to customers really not interested in this type of material, etc. The lack of detailed knowledge of the client is one of the aspects that most waste generated in a company. These are just a few examples of actual situations experienced on a daily basis. Of that How can CRM help to correct and improve many of these situations? In many ways. The development of a properly focused CRM initiative, can generate dramatic improvements in the productivity of the organization. This is achieved through a review and improvement in business processes, optimize the use of resources in each of these business processes, proper management of change and the implementation of technological tools that support optimized business processes. Contrary to what many people think, CRM is not to acquire or hire a CRM software, install it and then we are already improving relations with customers.

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