Competitive Customer Orientation: Schwabisch Hall Again

Not only close cooperation with cooperative banks is considered exemplary the Bausparkasse Schwabisch has been awarded again Hall for its customer orientation. At the competition in Germany’s most customer-oriented service provider 2008 “took the top spot at the building societies Schwabisch Hall for the third time in a row and again 4th place among all excellent service. Already for the third time the service companies in Germany to a nationwide benchmarking were called in this year, by the consulting firm Steria Mummert consulting, the University of St. Gallen and the Institute service rating was carried out. In a multi-stage process, the customer orientation of the participating companies was analyzed and evaluated around the anchoring of customer orientation in the corporate culture and corporate guidelines or the individual workflows. To do this, the company had to a 40 pages to fill strong questionnaire, ranging from the corporate culture treated the importance of customer orientation to the training and continuing education. A Auditgesprach with the Directors responsible for the areas of customer and an inspection of the company were the completion of the detailed investigation. In addition, the initiators of the study conducted a detailed survey.

“In the category of cooperation” ranked Schwabisch Hall tips. The jury considered exemplary cooperation for the building society with the co-operative banks in product development, staff training and guidance systems. Customer orientation and customer satisfaction are key differentiators in a fiercer competition. “That’s why we put our special attention”, said Jochen Maier, head of marketing, on the edge of the award ceremony in Hamburg. The renewed award as best building society and the top position among the first five service companies shows in Germany, that Schwabisch Hall together with the VR credit mechanism over the financial services industry is also well positioned.” Schwabisch Hall is the largest building society with 6.5 million customers in Germany. Together with the cooperative banks, advise and support local 4,000 field staff as well as at the headquarters about 1,250 customer service representative of the building societies daughter VR credit factory customers. Central element of customer service is the customer service center, which receives around 10,000 phone calls from customers and manipulated.

With a reach of nearly 90 percent, it is far above the industry average. Field staff predominantly trained bankers or certified financial consultants can use of cutting-edge consulting software customers comprehensive and qualified advice. Schwabisch Hall was awarded several times for its high level of customer orientation, as also by the renowned German customer barometer.

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