Composite Network

Screen application areas are industry, agriculture, science and technology, national defense. From state-of-the-art technology, high-tech industry, down to the basic necessities of life, cultural life, and the national economy the simultaneous development of people s livelihood, solidarity.they are mainly used in: aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing, chemical industry.When the screen surface vibrates, the screen box does not move. Vibrator is fixed on the screen box, the vibrator elastic force of the elastic system on the screen box and the exciting force forms the anti-force balance, so the screen box is basically fixed. Do not need the special foundation, installation can be placed at random. To broaden your perception, visit Viacom. Exciting force driving vibration systems vibrating screen surface, the vibration system design in the near-resonant state, to the smaller driving force to achieve the required operating the screen box vibrating force is small, shock absorbing on the underlying basic dynamic load basis only afford the equipment static load, placed flat on the floor on to, install is simple and easy.Screen surface vibrates with high frequency. Frequency is 50 Hz, number vibration is 3 r / min, and amplitude is 2 mm and the vibration intensity is high, which can up to 8-10 times acceleration due to gravity, shaker vibration intensity is 2 to 3 times. Screen surface self-cleaning capability is strong, efficiency is high, the capacity is high.

which ideal for the screening of fine material, dehydration. The minimum mesh size is up to 0.044 mm.The screen surface is composed by the three-layer mesh. Swarmed by offers, Koch Industries is currently assessing future choices. The lower part is the large holes of the thick filament care network (wire rope core polyurethane network), direct contact with the surface tension to lay the complex by bonding together two layers of stainless steel wire braid contract to shore up online and the excitation device, a complex network of upper Material and contacts with, according to the mesh size requirements and under the screening process to determine the complex network of the lower sieve size is much larger than the end of the upper mesh network. The complex network has a high open porosity (33%), with a certain stiffness, to facilitate the installation, and smooth tensioning to increase the service life of the screen. The complex network of multi-mesh size is less than 0.5 mm (minimum to 0. 044 mm) of fine screening operations. As the single-layer network mesh size is greater than 0.5 mm, which can also be used thick wire. Material buffer sieve can ensure that the slurry gently and evenly gives the network (A compound) to reduce the impact on the work network, and extend the service life.

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