Cruising Tips

To get dizzy in a cruise can get to discourage many people, who although they want to travel in boat not dare by this one cause. After many days of navigation I have verified as luckyly ground not to get dizzy, due to a great extent to follow a series of advice who year after year have allowed me to avoid it. 1. – To choose boat with stabilizers. The main secret not to get dizzy begins on board before subirte. And this is to choose a boat that owns stabilizers anti balance.

All the boats constructed after the year 2000 incorporate this technology. 2. – The election of the stateroom. By physics in all balance always the movement in the ends will notice much more that in the central point of balance. 3.

– To eat apples green Some years ago in one of my cruises I saw as the crew distributed mazanas green between the passengers. Peculiar of my I asked because. And they answered to me that we were going to cross a zone of storm and with the green apple the symptoms were alleviated. 4. – To press the wrist Another peculiar trick that there am shortage in my trips against I am annoying, used the sailors who work in the cruises. Simply a chick-pea consists of coiling a small piece of paper as large as and placing it in your clock pressing smoothly the veins that happen through the wrist. This smooth pressure improves the symptoms remarkably of I am annoying. 5. – Biodramina with caffeine If all the previous one is not. It only is to use the biodramina. But I advise to use the version that includes caffein since the classic version induces sleep and causes that we lose part of our cruise.

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