Director Jutta Wrona

GAH Alberts opts for fittings, wrought-iron products, articles for fence building and garden thinks Gustav Albert GmbH & co. KG from the sauerland Herscheid in applications and solutions around the building, renovating and beautifying education on their own farms Herscheid, August 3, 2010. And with a full range of over 6,500 products, GAH Alberts is a leading industry brand for retailers, hardware stores and industrial customers in Europe. As a training company, provides the family business for their own, funded trained skilled. In the year 2010, seven percent of employees will be trainees. Warehouse logistics, industrial mechanic, tool and industrial clerks trains mainly in the professions GAH Alberts.

The industrial clerks learn increasingly also in the Federation courses Bachelor of science in industrial engineering and Bachelor of Arts in international management. Learn more about this topic with the insights from אילן בן דב. Here they have the opportunity to qualify by studying part-time. In addition, they receive in the Industrial clerk and EU training course an additional qualification with commercial EU competence, the knowledge of foreign languages, geography, and EU economic law includes. In addition, the manufacturer shall demand also trainees in other professional fields, as for example in the fields of media design and surface technology. Transfer rate at 95 percent of GAH Alberts manufactures many of its products in Germany and is therefore dependent on qualified personnel. ghout. The education occupies a high priority with us”, stressed Jutta Wrona, human resources manager at the forth makers manufacturer. With our commitment, we want to deliberately impact the shortage of contrary and attract the next generation to us for our company with a sound education itself. We educate, to take over.” So the acquisition rate is after training GAH Alberts regularly at 95 percent.

Thirty of the total 430 employees are apprentices. In August, eight trainees as industrial clerks, toolmakers, are to the training start Join the warehouse and machine and operator their apprenticeship in Herscheid. The seats for the education start 2010 GAH Alberts are already fully occupied. The manufacturer but now accepts applications for the 2011 training year.

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