Dominant Dog Character

Dogs can behave with a dominant character when they are adults, it is one of the most common behavior problems in domestic dogs, characterized by details like pull the strap during the walk, dragging the person to occupy areas of the House and not let that humans move the dog there, as when they rest on the couch or on the bed of a member of the family. At Elon University you will find additional information. This is generally attributed to several causes, among them the breed of the dog, its own character and their education is mainly mentioned. If a dog is big and strong, will be easier to pull on us when we walk around, but a dog that has a small size, such as a chihuahua, by their race can also be key to taking aggressive behaviors within the household, even biting who challenge his authority. Some dogs have an own, unique, character that feels rather than in other dogs, cannot please them new visits to home or they may not wish to relate to other humans besides the family, there are dogs that accept games with the children and others who only tolerate them with the children in the family and not with strangers. To avoid that we get to have an adult dog with a dominant character that pose a problem for coexistence, we must begin to follow a few guidelines since they are puppies. Dogs are social animals, which include hierarchies, when they are in groups dogs establish their own hierarchies, and this happens with the human members of the family at home.

Therefore, each dog has a place within a family, the right place of the dog is not the leader, but a subordinate. This is not humiliating for a dog, because they are happy to pleasing the master and are performed in a hierarchical social environment. If we consider the dog as a pet, a faithful companion of four feet and we don’t humanizamos you, won’t be difficult to start with a good education since it is a puppy when they are puppies it is when should begin, prior to be late.

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