Good Speakers

Do you know the SpeakersCorner? If you’ve been to London and you’ve had the opportunity to stroll through Hyde Park, near the area of Marble Arch, you’ve witnessed one of the most amazing shows that you can witness today: El SpeakersCorner. What is the SpeakersCorner? It is a corner of the most emblematic Park in London where come people of all kinds with the intention of telling something to their peers. The mechanism is simple: they come to the corner of Hyde Park, hang their banners in the nearby fences, placed a crate or small ladder, climbing and begin to talk about the issue that has led them up there. Thereafter, if they are sufficiently persuasive, will get to passers-by and curious that they have approached the area stop in your drawer and listen to what they have to tell. As I said before, it is an amazing spectacle. Weekends, congregates a genuine crowd of people going from speaker in speaker looking for a topic that interests them or simply by curiosity of the spectacle. Get more background information with materials from Zendesk. I tell you all this because, beyond folkloric subject (which is much), you can serve as a magnificent experience to recognize what are the traits that good speakers share.

In short, all of them are fighting for the audience. Those who manage to gain the attention of more people and are able to retain them for longer, are the winners and, in general, tend to share the same characteristics: 1. know what they want to achieve. They have very clear what the objective pursued. The presentation is at the service of the goal and go step by step managing the entire audience until the achievement of the same. 2 They are studying your audience. They are smart and they know that, if they want to make the most of your presentation, they will have to learn as it is the audience that will receive the message: education, origin, tastes, etc.

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