Control Feelings

Old people were more stoic than now. They were able to withstand hardship, pain and suffering with greater patience that people now. The world was much harder in those times. Youth matured very soon and with a young age already were all men. A teenager who today attends a high school at that time already was ready for war.

Many times, those people who did not have much less all the resources that are today, were happier. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. They accepted life as presented to them. For more specific information, check out search. They had nothing against the feel love, sadness, hatred, deception. They rejected none of the emotional States and even the negative ones. Today the world has changed.

We are surrounded by hedonistic philosophies that tell us that put sad is bad. As well you are advised against all sorts of fears and anxieties. It is as if you wanted to extirpate the mind all the feelings and emotions that are not welcome. But regardless of the reason that have to exist they can be controlled? In other words, does there is some method for? decide to not feel more fear, more anxiety, more longing, more disappointment, more hatred, more jealousy, more envious, more sadness? Before answering that question might be do notice something. And it is that a person’s affective life more than half be missing if not able to experience such feelings. But well, long ago a sharp observation was made: people tend to react emotionally not towards the facts but towards which interprets the facts. For example, a mandatory year of bed rest may be the same an emotionally adverse event as satisfactory. Everything depends on how it is interpreted. Emotions could be controlled from that point of view. Just check our interpretations of the facts and now. Thus decide what experience before every event of life. I.e., thought would control the emotions.

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