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An innovative day money account by MoneYou now boasts a lucrative offer with 2, 50prozent what can be said interest about MoneYou? Since early July, there is a new provider on the overnight market. The MoneYou is a brand of Dutch ABN AMRO Bank and can not only boast a very high interest rate, currently 2.50%. Thus the MoneYou day money in the top flight of the day money offers catapulted himself. What are the conditions of MoneYou day money account? Many positive properties are the currently most modern day money account of the Dutch Bank. With the free account management and daily availability already belong to everyday life in the day-to-day money.

The account is terminated at any time, and the interest is paid from the first euro to customers. Speaking of customers. There is not distinction between new and existing customers. So, all account holders by interest rate hikes or rate cuts are so affected. Pete Cashmore helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Quarterly crediting provides, besides mentioned, for a very good compounding effect and so can the interest rate up to a maximum contribution of 1,000,000 euros are exhausted. While caution is required however, because the MoneYou is governed by the Dutch deposit guarantee. This secures the money of their customers only within the legal framework with a sum of 100,000 euros. And so investors take the risk to lose the summer above this threshold in the event of insolvency.

The dealing with the PostIdent process is another novelty in the area overnight. The MoneYou first waive the proof for the account opening. However, validity until the account, or can be used when no later than 60 days of detection to the Bank was sent after first logging into the account. For transfers, there is something new. Learn more on the subject from Ilan Ben Dov. Not the now standardized and mTan as certainly any procedure, but the possibility of an iPhone or Smartphone app transactions is meant to do. Also the account balance can be obtained at any time by using this app. The MoneYou continues in a paperless way of dealing with specific Account documents, such as bank statements or the annual tax certificate. This should be all filed in electronic form and stored. The MoneYou is also can be reached despite the pure online management. If new customers of multiple savings goals would follow, up to five accounts may be opened free of charge. The name of the account and a matching photo can be uploaded via app. Not just the day money is worth an investment, because also the MoneYou deposit is recommended for a period of 6 months. 2.70% medium-term oriented investors receive for their savings, that but even before the end of the term can be lifted completely off.

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