Effective Press Conference

There are three ways for your company to communicate with the media in a crisis situation: by sending press releases or press releases, through an interview and, also, through a press conference, to which we invited representatives of newspapers, news broadcasting of television and radio, magazines and other media news to clarify news ill-intentioned or fix the official position of the company before a news that us it directly affects. If used wisely, a press conference may be in very useful instrument. We say wisely because many times make invitations that not worth it and have no news interest, that make your organization to take negative fame. Over time what you achieve is that you acquire the reputation that you invite unnecessarily, so that the audience will gradually decrease and will eventually not attend anymore. As we said before, in a crisis situation primarily, a press conference is an excellent alternative for establish a close relationship and generate credibility with journalists from different media, therefore its realization requires much work, dedication and advance planning. Learn more about this with Pete Cashmore. That it, organize a press conference effective that takes you to the achievement of the objectives of communication proposed by your organisation without abusing and losing your power of call with the media.

There are some basic principles you should take into account to give you success in organizing a Conference of presses, including: never make the mistake of inviting a press conference if it is not necessary. The topic must be of news interest to the press and the public. You should not invite to advertise your brand or your company pretending to have at hand a good news without being really. So that you don’t make this error and that really be worth convening, I suggest that before proceeding to reflections: the theme I want to disclose is really momentous as news? If it is not, but anyway you want to communicate something through a story, not as ad, the media will appreciate the issuance of a press release and let them decide if it is worthwhile as news publication. If there are not many journalists who convene, the best is to invite a breakfast or a lunch to work in a more intimate atmosphere and confidence and camaraderie. If the issue carries unfortunate many details (display models or extraordinary objects, figures, photographs, external references, etc.) it’s best to arrange an interview in private.

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