ERP System Of The Year 2011 In The Category Trade: ALPHA PLAN

The ERP-system ALPHA PLAN of Bremen CVS Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH was awarded the second time in a row commercial titled ‘ERP system of the year’ in the category. “Bremen, December 01, 2011 – the ERP-system ALPHA PLAN of Bremen CVS Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH was the second time in a row with the ERP system of the year title” award in the category trade. The award ceremony is the annual highlight of the enterprise since 2006 by ERP management magazine and the Center for research of the University of Potsdam (CER) carried out by Potsdam ERP Congress. Univ. Prof. Dr. ing.

Norbert Gronau, holder of the Chair of Business Informatics and electronic government is leading. In the competition for this very prestigious award reviews and assesses a jury of renowned experts from science, IT and management consulting and specialized media the presented ERP projects according to seven criteria, including customer benefits, technology and integration ability, support, and training. The authors of the competition entry are satisfied. Robert Luers (Sales Manager): ALPHA PLAN received outstanding reviews for the benefit of the customer. Thanks to a sophisticated and mature in years operator concept far-reaching adjustments of the entire system to the customer’s needs can be made.” Michael Krutzke (Marketing Director): In our 2011 competition project all register of the adaptability were drawn back, mainly by the customer himself. Satisfied users, a short payback period and ample ideas for further expansion are the result.” In the category trade won a 2009 nomination ALPHA PLAN, 2010 and 2011 it ranked 1. Michael Karmarkar/Yaming Li

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