Esportivo Marketing

It was in this year also that companies were for the first time authorized to vender olmpicos products officially. Samsung understood the implications. The profit generated for the organization of the event was of US $ 225 million, the greater until then. For Afif (2000), the esportivo marketing in Brazil had a great advance in the government of Juscelino Kubistschek, in years 50. Its politics of 50 years in 5 made with that some organizations acted in Brazil. Foreign companies had brought international marks, whose main efforts were in the creation of strategies of promotion of sales and propagandas. In this exactly period the marketing was inserted in facultieses, initially as it disciplines of the course of business administration.

After the 1964 blow, the esportivo marketing passed for a period of deceleration, in function of the economic difficulties. 1980 also were a period that confused the evolution of the marketing in the country, again with economic crises. In accordance with Contursi (1996), the decades of 80 and 90 had represented a period of lost illusions. Brazil starts to observe its reality better and the contraction. The economy suffered deep modifications and the marketing was influenced by blows, had the governing incompetences.

In 1994, with the creation of the Real Plan, the hope of Brazil is again born if to become a developed country, with the economic stability. The investments in the market are retaken and the marketing professionals come back with total force. It was the beginning of great victories. Strategies of the Esportivo Marketing To define the strategies used in the esportivo marketing, she is necessary to know data of this segment. A study carried through in 2007 for the Institute of Uniban Research and the Informdia it discloses some aspects. The soccer, as was of if to wait, is the sport preferred for the Brazilians. 80.25% of the interviewed ones of the masculine sex had chosen the sport as favourite, against 45,24% of the women.

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