European Steel

Knurling knurling is the process by which, the wire rod passes through a series of rollers until the steel rod that is sought, besides providing him with a corrugated allows the product thus produced can have good adhesion to the concrete as the main application This product is the construction area better known as steel rods. Because the lives of people depend on these steel rods always standardized by national standards, but without, you can use the ANSI or European standards UNE 36 068. The steel rods they can be obtained in a variety of sizes ranging from growing numbers 6-40 mm, equivalent to the section in square centimeters, how to acquire them is the weight can speak of "Iron quintals" although the appropriateness Kg Steel would this when it comes to rods if the product is steel columns or beams prefabricated sections talk about specific units as well as long in advance by the client when the diameter exceeds 1.6 cm long is acquired in Steel Bars, although not usual for these sections indented, but if the diameter is less than this dimension can be found in rolls or coils steel structural calculations to ensure these steel bars must meet minimum requirements to provide the following points: Manufacturer ID test to identify load and elongation at break according to the relevant national standards defined Yield perfectly simple bending adhesion test and folded and unfolded according to specific standard corrugated Features Section Average manufacture begins with the receipt of the billet square section, which is comprised of several rolls that give you a round or oval and generate corrugated end of the process is performed after the respective cooling, which must be done carefully to ensure the homogenization of mechanical properties throughout manufactured item. The composition of the rolling elements is usually associated with the high carbon steels 0.80% as the billet, comes from a casting of these features obtained from a blast furnace, however, if the process is the reduction in an electric oven can get better quality laminates, malleable and less brittle, since when the percentage decreases coal decreases the fragility and hardness and also giving space to the ductility and machinability. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ilan Ben Dov. The components can be found in such materials are not only coal and iron, we can identify silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum, chromium, titanium, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel, tin, etc being the predominant manganese with approximately 0.30% and phosphorus to 0.48% with a milled edge geometry usually consists of transverse ribs to the main axis of the steel rods but typically found indented steel rods in the form of the letter X and even with projections in the form of points, geometry no longer in use, the rods produced by the method of silk are often referred to as rods or rods corugadas with projections.

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