Functional Theory

In a critical theory of the culture. Rio De Janeiro, Zahar, 1975. p 169 the 188, of Bronislaw Malinowski, bring its contribution the funcionalista theory, so old method how much to the first demonstrations of interest for the strange cultures, considered wild and barbarous. Malinowski liked to mention itself as obstetra and godfather of the antropolgica confusion of schools, exerting the art of an obstetrician in the training of the students youngest in this subject. Learn more at this site: Neil Rubler. As Malinowski the bureaucracy is worried about the clarity of the natural phenomena, before these are submitted the posterior speculative manipulations, therefore would not have the right in rem to deal with the culture in its basic aspects, such as educational, legal, the economic ones, or those pertinent ones to the primitive or developed knowledge and the religion, if it was not capable to analyze e, therefore, to define each one of them. Malinowski launches the bases for the modern anthropology, searching the objetividade scientific together with the personal experience, having a direct contact with the culture that involves the human beings, in its research of field.

The culture is an object system, activities and attitudes, in which each one of the parts exists as a way for an end. It is a totality where the diverse elements are interdependent, and such activities objects and attitudes, are organized around tasks in institutions as the family, and the culture can be analyzed on diverse aspects as, the education, social control, economy, systems of knowledge, belief and moral and, also ways of creative and artistic expression. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. The cultural process involves human beings that are definite relations ones with the others, that is, is organized, manipulates devices, is communicated enters itself for the language or for another type of symbolism In all the activities, the use of an object, while it has broken of the definitive behavior technique, legal or ritual, lead the human beings to the satisfaction of some necessity.

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