Expenses And Savings

December is a season of many expenses, we spend at the dinner of Christmas, gifts to children, las posadas, the rockets, the pinata, and more things that for the start of another year it would seem that we are still paying everything because we don’t have money in the portfolio. The National Commission for the protection and defense of users of Servicios Financieros (Condusef) in its internet portal mentioned above as well as this season is to spend much also is time save because we received a very good amount of money: the aguinaldo. The Condusef mentions as one of the best options to save is to invest in mutual funds because they help to grow your money that will make you very much with the slope of January early next year. Hedge funds operate with money from many people like you who have the concern of make your capital grow. Meets all these people money investors – and through a Fund Manager will invest in market values or other tools that small investors like you do not have access. According to the Condusef you can enter on the market of securities with investment funds from $1000 pesos and mentioned that long-term investment funds have historically reported attractive yields.

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