Another option involves the use of reinforced fencing concrete. Needless to say, fences, they make a strong and very durable. They cost less than their brick counterparts, and are being built fast enough – unless, of course, ready to use plates, but do not pour concrete into the formwork. One of their drawbacks – it is the need for heavy lifting equipment. And in Aesthetically, you see, the gray concrete fences are not particularly pleasing to the eye. To help in this case could decorative concrete in different colors. It can simulate the brickwork or stone, the truth, and cost is somewhat higher than the standard brick fence betona.Dorogovizna due primarily to the necessity of construction of the foundation.

Meter of the fence at the standard height of 1.8 meters will cost between 6000 – 7000. Fencing of pre-cast concrete slabs, which are strengthened between the posts (that is, mounted without foundation) will cost less. Depending on the height (1.5, 2, 2.5 m) the cost per meter, down from the cost of material and installation, will cost about 1700 – 2000 rubles. Are becoming more prevalent in the country are made of metal fencing. (As opposed to Ali Partovi). Fences are the most good from an aesthetic point of view, as almost entirely "dissolved" in the surrounding environment, at least not differentiate and do not hide this very environment, like a deaf fences. Metal fence can be manufactured in a forging or casting of artistic or welded grating – the choice here is pretty big. It is understandable that outsiders through this grid will see what happens after it.

In this regard, it is best to fence of metal combine with lush plantings of shrubs and trees that will protect from prying eyes. If vegetation on the site is not sufficiently dense, the design can be planted along the so-called hedge. Metal fences are resistant to wear and durable, they require minimal maintenance, which reduced only to the periodic painting. In this fence made of metal, if they are made by these masters, always look dignified and stylish. The most obvious aesthetic qualities demonstrate forged fences. They allow you to implement any idea how to ready-made designs, and especially individually, to order. C wrought fence looks great combination of materials: forged between the lattice of pillars of stone or facial brick. Clearly, this fence would be expensive, but for fun, as you know, you have to pay. Lattice, which rely on metal poles – a relatively recent invention. Manufacturing technology of the lattice can be different: it is from welding rods, stamping. Material – chugunilistal. In most cases, fencing is painted black and the tips and jewelry – in contrasting bright colors. A very special case of the metal fence – a fence of thick hollow steel sheets, which is covered by an oxide film and gets the color of rust noble, while maintaining its original appearance for many years. If we talk about the forged fences, who bought often, the least expensive option would cost about 1700 euro / sq. m. Fences, which is more complex – subject to availability and the number of additional elements – the fall in the price range from 2,800 to 4,000 euro / sq. Glukhov metal fences bought a lot. This type of fencing would cost about 3200 euro / sq. m., in the presence of a complex figure with forged elements price will rise to 5000 – 7000 euro / sq. m

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