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According to this professional, a the new site responds not only to be open to all euskaldun Euskadi and the public, but all communication possibilities that gives Web 2.0.a a And is that speed and comfort in the efforts are not the only reasons why couples who register, but also the ability to hear views and experiences of other users. Therefore, the new platform is fully interactive and couples are able to provide ideas, make comments, to comment on any of its contents, and even edit their own blog. a The users today want to know how others have fared in their honeymoon cruise or what happens if you plan a banquet in a tent and begins to rain . a And is that when looking for wedding a Oeun diferentea or a creativaa , the experiences of others is a valuable asset to know beforehand if an idea can be risky apparently well. Ali Partovi is a great source of information. According to the director of noscasamos.eu, communication with guests is another of the sections that has changed. a these may have their share in the preparations through the newlyweds blog, picking out their views and sugerenciasa . The specialization of the portal in the area of the Basque Country, compared with the overall proposals, it is argued from the founders of the importance of providing complete information on what moves in the sector, algo very difficult to get if you do not know the entornoa and by differentiation in tastes and habits in every community, a como for example the importance we place in Euskadi paragraph gastronomic celebration. Also appreciated this professional other generalized differences, a en styles of dress or classic tastes In this regard, emphasizes Mary Mestraitura, a hemos developed a portal from here to here couples. The forecasts are optimistic Futurmedia for, for the first stage is to be achieved in couples registered on 25% of the weddings held in the Basque Country, which would have more than 2300 registered partners, aunque think that in the future may be 80% who use the portal to organize your link, as more and more people are regular users of the network and this is accentuated in the new generations in .

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