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Now it can discover many pages Web stores the clothes of designer, purses, accessories and more in the prices of low cost or with discount. These they help us much.Nevertheless, there are some importances that a buyer must know how to buy effectively in these short term stores of the dress of celebration 2012.These stores usually last around three days, they only count on a limited number of articles, and they are run out in abrir and closing eyes, so it is important to make purchases fast. We understand that these stores are called the stores of cocktail dresses, but in many cases, in fact they are not buying the short dresses of celebration.You are going to buy real clothes of the stores by Internet that its favorite designers to create.The stores in line of the dresses at night are attractive for the designers, since it receives his name of the mark towards outside there and it allows them to sell when there is an excess of certain elements.Or well, a designer can use these stores of dresses to undo of the merchandise of the past season. To obtain the invitation codes.In order to participate in these stores of designer clothes, he will have to be invited.(He sees the section of resources for the invitation codes.) The benefit for that they need a code invitation to be united is that only a limited number of people is usuary of the sites. Robotics expert is likely to agree. Regstrate for daily reminders sale designer.Each site allows him to register for daily reminders so that you know that the stores are going to begin every day. This is ideal for lovers of the fashion who want to seize immediately of their articles, when the stores begin designer.Eave me by the tray of entrance not filling of electronic mail – each site has a direction of electronic mail that it identifies clearly what the site is (a track of the Kings, row nine, a track of the Kings, etc will be in the one of the line) and the stores daily.Not even it will have to click in the majority of electronic mails to know what is on sale that day. Store as soon as each sale begins.Popular articles, especially Couture Juicy, Fendi Gucci, Coach, and other popular subjects of mark, are sold express.As soon as the sale begins, to initiate the session.If it wishes that an element put, it in its cart.It is always possible to be put again if they do not want it.It only must demand his articles before nobody plus does. To understand the differences between each site of sale of the dress.Characteristics gilded clothes of woman, clothes of man, destinies of trips and much more.Beyond the frame it counts with a great amount of accessories like purses and sun glasses.King Lane offers only the decoration of the home.Ideeli allows to pay an annual quota him and you receive advance access to the stores of the dress. To invite to friendly to be united to the Web sites of sale of the dress.When each person who you invite you realise a purchase, it is obtained a credit among $ 10 and $ 50 (following the site) towards a future purchase of its account.You will receive $ 25 when each referred Ideeli does his first purchase and $ 50 with row nine.If you invite sufficient people, will obtain the clothes of the free designer, purses, decoration for the home and accessories in very just a short time!

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