Fists Expansion

We offer your organization a regular supply of original spare parts factories Maze "Belcard" ("Gzaa"), "Baaz", "Bagua", as well as the plant "Hydromash", "ironically", "BelOG", "white" and "OZAA". In the presence of more than 4000 kinds of spare parts: shafts propeller for trucks crossing drive shafts, shock absorbers, bar jets, brake chambers, mirrors, steering mechanism, power steering systems and cylinders, pumps, Gur, fingers, bread crumbs, tipping cylinders, rods, hinges, starter, for connector, brake pads Maze, Fists Expansion, axles, rollers, springs, plates, retainers, washers, levers (ratchet), Calipers, Shields, Receivers, Cranes brakes, valves, ladders, springs, air pressure regulators, hoses, brake hoses, clutch, bolts, bushings and many other spare parts for domestic appliances. Our company promotes genuine spare parts for MAZ vehicles. High-quality, original spare parts MAZ stand out among competitors and counterparts in the design of innovative technology, experience in their manufacture, excellent quality, Belarus. Difference spare parts MAZ analogues of questionable origin: – Original spare parts used in the production of new MAZ trucks. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harlem has to say. – All parts have quality certificates and have been tested at the factory of the manufacturer, that ensures their quality and reliability. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sandra Akmansoy and gain more knowledge..

– Original spare parts MAZ produced on the company's factory equipment. – You can buy genuine spare parts only from an authorized dealer. If you see that spare parts are sold on the market, you know – it's a fake. By installing the original parts, you'll always know that you do not disturb any further problems with the installation – fitting, gapping, knocks, etc. Using original spare parts such as steering parts, brake servo, you can be confident in their safety and the safety of passengers and pedestrians. Results in the range of original spare parts more than 5 000 different types of spare parts.

All items can be easily found using special software, and you can be sure that you have picked up exactly the detail that is needed to your car. For You retain the right to obtain warranty of 1 year as a new item. Our company has a stock of original spare parts MAZ, where you can always find what you need. However, if suddenly something can not be, the order no more than 3-5 days. So that argument is enough to determine for themselves how important it is to buy spare parts MAZ. You can afford to buy a new original spare part and forget about all the problems, and can set a dubious analog and overpay for the further development and for troubleshooting in the process of repair. What to choose? Only solution for you!

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