Furniture Industry

In the furniture industry have a huge problem. Competition between furniture stores and competition online stores at its peak. Since autumn last year there was a lot of competition in the online sales of furniture, due to growth in the number of players, which led to what many online stores have to do the minimum margin on the furniture. In consequence of that shops in the city have to bear huge losses due to the fact that they can not afford selling furniture for the money. Because they hire, pay employees, taxes, etc. In the online sales is minimized. The next stage. Peter Asaro may help you with your research.

Shops in the city said the suppliers, or they will handle the price on the internet or they do not will put their furniture. Naturally providers alarmed and tried to start regulating prices on the Internet, but online stores were not ready for that and certainly not wanted. Began sailing from provider to provider, that did not produce a result is not yet another. Some vendors have gone the other way, they have decided to organize a sale on the Internet. Accordingly, online shopping has been denied in the supply of furniture, but they have a different problem. First place is never empty and the Internet will take its place and push through these companies. This car park maintenance in the form of Gazelles, drivers, promote your site (site maintenance), assemblers, etc.

Plus, most importantly, at the time goods in the warehouse and signature in acceptance of the goods online stores take full responsibility. And that is all listed above plus the battle of the goods and furniture let the Italian average is 200,000 rubles. Here and there rat race between the shops of Moscow and online shops. Vendors have decided on conventional stores and earn on the internet to play. The market should remove the weak, and weak steel conventional furniture stores in Moscow. Let look at the whole world and do the same, just not lose. And the crux of the matter was expressed, as always the buyer prices rose by 30%. Maybe the crisis is over and pay raise? The following article will express their opinion about the output from this situation, and to shops on the ground remains to trade places on the Internet and people can work quietly.

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