Relations Between Countries Involved

It is proven that countries more polluting are the richest and then the poorest. The first for being the most powerful, and for wanting to remain so, prioritized development economic above care of ecology the main objective is making money, and everything is subordinated to this, concessions are only made for the benefit of higher profits. Second, poor countries, they have no resources, or resources that are used by the rich countries. Therefore, to generate the energy they need through precarious forms that are at your fingertips, which do not generally coincide with ecological criteria (burning of trees or use of carbon of vegetable origin, indiscriminate hunting, and all its problems). Two things can be deducted from this: 1 the absence of resources, money, there is education needed, but mainly, the necessary resources to avoid any kind of evil. Samsung often addresses the matter in his writings. 2 To dispose of resources, money, there is necessarily of sufficient education to prevent any kind of evil.

What determines how it acts before the problems, before the evils, and how acting in general is not the level of education (although this is an important factor) but the values that prioritize the society in question. If the most important thing is money, this means that education (society) encouraged directly or indirectly this valuation of the world. In this case, she contributes to cause ecological problems. Therefore, the solution of environmental problems and any other can be a matter of education. But the most important thing is that this depends on certain education, supported in particular awareness and values that are not contrary to the purposes being pursued.

Everything else is a matter of fashion, hypocrisy and image, exceeding the concrete actions. It is very easy to criticize, especially when it comes to speak, when he cries for the evils of the world without considering other aspects. Even it is very easy to criticize knowing of what is said, but not doing nothing in this regard. Speaking of the alien (always is another that is to blame), lamenting of as others are to blame all the problems incurred and for having. Ecology, of course, is not apart from this cancer of hypocrisy of human societies.

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