Use Of Detergents And Cleaning Products. Simple Rules. Care

Here are some of the necessary rules for the care of your kitchen furniture. And your home furniture will last dilitelnoe time, try to follow these simple rules. Cleaning the wood, as laminated planes. Can not use acid detergents basis. Carried out with a soft cloth coated with a neutral detergent slightly damp. Swarmed by offers, Peter Asaro is currently assessing future choices.

Wetted parts should be wiped dry after wiping. To make the surface repulsive effect of dirt is recommended to use detergents that contain as part of his formula organosilicon compounds. Making the cleaning of kitchen furniture, do not use aggressive as well as abrasives for money, do not use metal utensils for cleaning. The surface of wooden furniture in the kitchen hostess sometimes cleaned using special polishes and sprays specifically designed for this purpose. When purchase of this necessarily means a look at what that means did not have bans on contacts with food.

You can perform dry cleaning with attachments' 'i brush cleaner. To delete a laminated kitchen furniture or stubborn oil stains should be applied locally for cleaning the furniture, having in its composition of ammonia. As an alternative method of "settling" spots dish detergent, after such procedures for land affected by cleaning, wipe dry. Try to time to avoid the formation of indelible stains and streaks. Surface of the granite or marble, as a "living" materials tend to absorb moisture. From time time, apply a special water-repellent tools for marble and granite. At the end of dry cleaning dry the wet areas. If needed, use the degreaser with an aqueous solution of denatured alcohol. Care varnished surfaces of kitchen furniture is behind him, first of all, protection from direct sunlight. For cleaning use a dry soft cloth and special cleaning agents and suede. Not contraindications for use with food contact polishing. Do not wipe the lacquered kitchen furniture with a wet rag. Regularly cleaned her special cleaning agent based on beeswax- the best way to keep in good kitchen furniture. Said agent smooths visible defects, makes furniture shine as well when cleaning cooking surfaces as well as the enamel of your kitchen sink should be applied only to liquid detergents. Try to avoid the fall of heavy or sharp objects, metal objects, since they can often leave scratches on kuhney and chipped. Immediately rinse spilled product the appearance of stains from fruit juices, red wine, fruit, cola, etc. Clean the aluminum components manufactured using liquid neutral detergent or water solution of denatured alcohol. Not use abrasive cleaners to avoid deterioration of the appearance and the appearance of scratches in the kitchen. You should use a cloth dampened a relatively small number of neutral detergent slaboobrazivnogo clean interior drawers.

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