Gift for Kids

We all know that the best gift for a child than a new toy is not found. But this fact does not cancel the issue of choice. Indeed, so eager to please the baby, found just such a toy that will bring him joy, and even better become a favorite. At first glance, it's pretty simple, because the selection of toys so wide and varied. You just have to go to the nearest toy store and buy …

This is where the question arises, what exactly to buy something? A soft toy or developmental game? Or stay on the ball or point sizes? Choosing toys gift depends. First, we must consider the child's age. So one year old baby for sure will be glad colored cubes, toy phone or a small soft bear. In ten – twelve years, in contrast, soft toys can cause confusion in the child (if of course they do not collect), but a new entertaining and educational game will be very way. Do not buy a toy "for growth." In three years, the child can not play with a complex designer, but quite able to break lose and a half parts of it. When he finally dorastet to toys, we have to lose interest. But in this case it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of child development. Some children and in five years could easily add intricate picture of the puzzle.

Naturally, the most desirable for the child will be the toy of which he had long dreamed of. Unfortunately, parents often do not betray even the value of children's desires and dreams. Adult or may simply not know or ignore the wishes of the child. "Well, why should the tenth doll! Better buy her some game. For a change, "- the familiar idea, right? And we buy a toy that is in our opinion better and more useful. Sometimes of course it's the right approach. For example, to distract the child from a permanent seat the computer, you can buy a good game for recreation, in which he could play with friends. However, you should not ignore the interests and wishes of the child. A dream come true – is a feast for the child. Another very common mistake to buy toys that are interesting to ourselves. Thus, a set of doctors, may seem to you a very entertaining toy (especially if you've been dreaming about this in childhood), but not the fact that it will delight your child. What to do if you need to buy a toy for a child of your friends or acquaintances? After all, what do you know about it is just sex and age. In this case it is better to choose a universal gift. These include soft toys, designers, balls, books and pencils. The main thing in this case, that toy was the original and high quality. When choosing a toy as a gift, do not forget to ask its qualitative characteristics. In first toy to be absolutely secure. So buy only toys that have a quality certificate and have passed all necessary tests and trials. From a security standpoint, we should not also to give young children toys with small parts. In addition, it is better to give preference toys eco-friendly, ie made from natural and nontoxic materials.

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