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Set of proposals for the acquisition of the door, guarding your house, really wide, and inadvertently get lost on the representation of the diversity of domestic and foreign manufacturers, so in this article we give some councils. Repel the size of your wallet – if you can not pay for the imported analogues of about 900 $, then for the domestic real pay up to $ 300, though still urge you not to save money on this product. Mashable might disagree with that approach. Since foreign models collected on first-rate equipment, while we can not boast of its presence by making the samples are literally on the knee, a palpable difference between price and quality. What then – to prefer imported model? But here is not in a hurry if you want to put the atypical size door, it will be difficult to find a ready-made among the foreign samples, and order a troublesome, while domestic easily done under the individual order in a short time. Not to be a complete ignoramus, will talk about the device, a steel door: in general terms it consists of a rectangular frame with ribs, which are welded to one or two surface sheets of steel, it is hung on hinges steel door frame. And attaches to the doorway.

Next – dermantina upholstery or wood (which is expensive), the inner contents of the basalt is filled with cotton wool or polyurethane foam foam, and sometimes is left hollow. Be sure to present the important elements: the frame jamb doors, closing a slit opening, and the porch – they largely reduce the risks of hacking into your foreign locks, as a more reliable (Eg, crab), which is very high Raman number of keys to the order of 8 billion to help protect against hacking protivosemnye pins and hinges on the reliable support bearing in the door, and having eyes with a wide viewing angle of 200 degree will give you the opportunity to survey the landing on all sides. Desirable to purchase the door from the inside screw bonnet, rather than moving, preventing it close unexpectedly. After selecting a model to you at a certain time installers arrive to install the doors: they put the box door is strictly at the desired angle and screw the rods, with very good will if it will be placed deep into the opening for better security. But disclosed it will be no more than 90 degrees. Do not settle for installation from the outside, this is a very reduced level of protection for your home and make sure that the door is not “riding” on its hinges, but remains in the position in which it left open. When everything is ready, take a copy of the agreement that you have paid the required amount and coupon for a free repair, do not forget to ask about the warranty – a self-respecting firm offer of 5 years and above, which covers the entire structure.

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