Steel Needle

Practice showed that the use polishing paste (or oil-based paint "chromium oxide") for final editing tool is not required. While working at a gas board will place a smoother and fresher – rigid, that will use the same skin on a board for serial grinding from coarse to clean. As in with the bar to avoid oncoming blade movements. Front side of the chisel should also be polished to a shine. Recent movements in the revision should be done only on themselves, some at an angle to the line of the blade, reaching up to 45 , as in one or the other way. Then it is necessary to test wood carving, chisel experienced in various techniques, especially in the direction across the grain of wood strong. It is likely that with a chisel blade "sit" and will not give the desired result.

It is not always a sign of bad steel or sharpening. Needed again, and even in third time to fill it and check, until the cutting edge will not stand. In practice, the author of the book there was no case was weak to Steel Needle file or personal file. Cause of poor tool can only be Incorrect sharpening his. Well sharpened chisel is used for a long time and does not require frequent refilling. Only after many hours of work you need to tinker with it. To achieve a quick result, if a chisel for a long time used during refueling can slightly raise the handle – the blade sharpened to enhance contact with the bar, given that the original grinding angle taper it was sharp enough.

This forms a secondary bevel, which gives the blade at an angle of about 20 , which is almost happy woodcarver at work. Naturally, after a while would have to straighten the angle of sharpening the blade at a bar, and even in terms of hand drills. It will be a test instrument when carver finishes its regular work. You can not use a chisel made of a file as a file: you can cause yourself an injury hazard cutting tip. Do not use a chisel with a straight acute an angle of a mallet, do not use it as a cycle or a scraper to smooth the surface – this will cause damage to the blade and re-sharpening the long-term.

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