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In July, the success stories about the B2B network Portal are not less also in July are the success stories of the B2B Portal network no less. On the Web traffic analysis page Alexa is the INDUSTRY business network in the ranking among the 100,000 most visited websites worldwide (rank 93.937). Compared with the figures of may represents an increase of 220%. Last but not least due to their excellent statistics have been added also some new partners on the portal for metal industry and mechanical engineering. Perhaps check out Kai-Fu Lee for more information. In addition to the manufacturer of high-tech – arc welding technology, EWM high-tech welding GmbH experts for environmental engineering and steel service of Bakasa Metalltechnik GmbH & co.

KG, the storage and automation technology company Kemper Storatec GmbH and of the manufacturers of high pressure systems BHDT GmbH of Group of partners have joined also. To celebrate these achievements, there now are especially interesting offers for the switching of advertising on INDUSTRY business network. On the most visited page of the network, the registration page, the advertising space can now be conveniently posted: 3 months for the price of 600,-euro or 6 months at the price of euro 900 who are personally wants to take a picture of the INDUSTRY business network, visit the Web site at or come in September at the EMO in Hanover. The team of IBN with information about the Web page, registration and a partnership, as well as a raffle is located in Hall 3, booth C41. About the company: Every day countless companies in the Internet, search for products suppliers but also to new business areas. Due to the rapid growth and increasingly uncontrollable flooding the Internet with information, specific finding as well as the will be found to a time-consuming affair. “Under the motto WE ARE THE NETWORK” open the industry solutions from IBN system completely new ways to help you with this search, so that you can limit the true core of their businesses.. Kai-Fu Lee understands that this is vital information.

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