Interior Design

For thousands of years has the use of tile. The countdown can begin even with the Egyptian Pharaohs, whose homes were covered with stone tile floors. For laying floors in the palaces of the noble Romans used mosaics from sea of white pebbles. After the invention of painting technology glass Venetian glass blowers, for mosaic began to use and its small colored pieces – smalt. Now the interior tiles can be made of marble, granite or other types of stone. Among the new trends – tile laminate or cork. Each year the design of ceramic tile is becoming more inventive.

And now become familiar marble tile is replaced by all possible variants simulate any stone. Hot glass mosaic is updated by insertion of silver and gold. For its production have begun to use the tile and stone. Each year the leaders – the plant in Spain and Italy, set new trends in the design of ceramic tiles. Again at the peak of their popularity collection of tiles and porcelain tiles that mimic nekeramicheskuyu basis. Feeling of warmth and comfort in the interior of unity with nature gives tile 'Wood'. Moreover, this 'ceramic tree' is not afraid of water and fire, it may be heated to the desired temperature using water or electric "hot sex". These collections have every company, even elite Italian tiles from the famous factories of Italy Cerdisa and FAP.

Optionally, you can pick up the necessary texture and quality of drawing a tile under the tree. Another new trend in simulation – 'under the metal. " The most popular are the following metals – iron, silver, bronze and copper. The main direction of imitation: play metal, metal with special effects, the effect of the metallized surface. Did not pass imitation and fabric. It is proposed under the veneer home textiles, chiffon, plaid, silk, denim and more. One of the most fashionable areas is the use in the design of ceramic tile floral ornament. These inserts are designed to carry the feeling of spring, the brightness, warmth and beauty. Popular floral patterns, flower-panel inserts and borders. Another trend in design of tiles and mosaics – 'new luxury'. Recent collections from famous factories are full of glamor and gloss. Used sparkling rhinestones, a combination of black with gold and silver, unusual ornaments and imitation skins of wild animals. Following the fashion trends, we should not forget about the practical application of tiles and mosaics. Since wall tiles are thinner and lighter floor, that it can be used on vertical surfaces. Stronger steps are brick and tile exterior. Thus, ceramics, as well as many centuries ago, is the authentic decoration of any home, an important element in its interior.

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