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Cavitation or liposuction without surgery has become a revolution by eliminating fat and centimeters you want without going through the operating room. Laser Natura Chueca leads bid of cavitation in Madrid with latest technology equipment cavitation is a revolutionary new method to reduce centimeters and eliminate to the more rebellious grease. See results from the first session, and to make it effective it must follow a session of preassure therapy and optionally a vibrating platform. Liposuction without surgery, is called without any pain and without significant surgical disadvantages of liposuction, it destroys the fat in the same way as the surgery. Teams are keys in the results of this treatment and in this Center possess the best regarded of the market which is Impact of Sorisa. Through a head, carries out simultaneously two functions, cavitation, Electroporation, in order to multiply the effects of both techniques:-cavitation.

Application of ultrasound to 40 khz which lets you destroy the fat thanks to the generation of micro-bubbles that break the adipose cells. -Electroporation. Through electrical currents opens the pores of the area where acting head and penetrates the cosmetic with reducing properties, or anti cellulite or firming that we apply. The technique has a duration of 40 minutes and you are advised between 5 and 10 sessions to see the fruits desired after a session of cavitation is a drainage session to facilitate the Elimination of fat cells destroyed through a team of latest generation of preassure therapy (Impress 240, Sorisa) with a duration of 25 minutes. Pressotherapy is performed with a few sleeves that are placed in the body extremities, which is flushed them air in a controlled manner from distal to proximal, allowing the drainage and favoring the Elimination of liquids and fat cells eventually destroyed, we recommend the use of the vibrating platform for 10 minutes that equals 60 minutes of gymthus ending the session. The platform helps activate metabolism, reaffirming key areas and lose weight among many other benefits. Circuit bonus cavitation, preassure therapy and 5 sessions platform goes for 500 euros and the 10 sessions for 900 euros and offer financing Natura Chueca Laser facilities also offers a leader in hair removal, massages, treatments and UVA rays offer Laser Natura Chueca C/San Bartolome 12. 915230796 Madrid.

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