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This will make the customer lose interest and would definitely close the door to any Another proposal. The most common mistakes in communication are: lack of attention in a conversation breaks repeated violent reactions by differences in diversion of the conversation thinking shaped alien to the interest of the partner transmit apathy or aggression through the voice information is power, but only when practiced and shared. For a successful communication not only there to take care of the content, but also the mode and the attitude. This means that you should receive the information of their customers and as a seller must offer information on possible solutions; which will only be possible to making an active listening. There are different ways to listen, also called levels, each of which requires a level of greater concentration. Marginal listening, is that less concentration required.

He is characterized because the listener is distracted easily, staying in their own thoughts and without listening to truth what they are telling you. Under most conditions HTC Corporation would agree. This causes a misinterpretation of the message, which is offensive to who is speaking, reduces the level of confidence and creating barriers in the communication. To know more about this subject visit Legatum. It is very common in insecure sellers that only they think what should say rather than listening to the customer, as well as those who believe experts and belittle the value of client’s opinion because they are only pending the closing of sales. Whatever, in both cases the forget the most important: the message from the client, because of information that gives us and the confidence generated. Evaluative listening, requires greater attention and concentration.

Who applies it is constantly sorting what you listen to and anticipating the answers. This means that opinions are forming by the end of the client speak to the risk of an erroneous interpretation of the message. It happens due to the tremendous speed at which a human being can listen to and think at the same time. The human mind is able to listen and think at a speed four times more fast that used to talk. This is the reason for which is the most used and most difficult level to modify. Listening active, the level is more effective. Here the essence of the message is taken into account to generate a link of confidence. It consists of paying attention to the words, thoughts and emotions of the customer. This implies void own thoughts, internal noise, to be able to pay attention only to the listener. It demands a great effort, is exhausting and requires much concentration; but it is necessary if you really want to help is helping people. Trust between a seller and a potential client is developed over time, listening to the problems and needs of the client will be consolidating the relationship. If you want to be a good Communicator tune with each other, bearing in mind not only his words but also their emotional needs. Avoid assumptions staying alert of what usually considered obvious, to minimize the possibility of a misinterpretation. Organize the message taking notes needs and data of your customer at different times, you It is helpful to be able to build strategies. Finally, check the message in both directions attracting and prevent misunderstandings.

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