Middle Ages

Is not it strange why. Since the success in video games relies on choosing the right strategy, incremental stages of development, deliberate action. Which, of course the child develops self-restraint. Because, before you do, or say we should think what to do or how to correctly put it, that it is very appreciated in high society. Still, of course, there are games in which the combination of several types of genre. Here Now most of the races combines not only the factor 'to win races' but also 'bleed over' hard 'earned play money for your car', where you have the mind to buy and upgrade your cart. Of course, that with time buyer's tastes are changing, and now, if you give a simple shooter, with no meaning, or at least some information that would not have had interesting information, its easy to play, most gamers will not.

Now that there are very good factor, games are made on the real facts. Ie the script was not written with fancy writer, but it does have real events, places, people Even now in the 'fashion' has gone not only entertainment, scale, speed of action influence the feelings of the player, but also well disclose a hero. I am encouraged by this is that, for example, playing as easy as it would seem heartless killer, you will learn not only how much and how he killed, but also why he thinks at the same time. Of such playing the old strategy of 'The Cossacks', many who read over at the beginning of the mission, where, when and why these events unfold. Or a new chip Ubisoft – 'Assassin's creed'. Yes, in this toy blood flowing in buckets, but there is also the basis for the war laid the Middle Ages between the Assassins and the Crusaders.

Reveals the motives of murder and its consequences. I want to say that not all modern shooters and rpg based on becsmyslennom blood stream. I think not a fan of the same Assassin's creed went to read history of those times and events. I think many reading the prologue Kazakov, read about the liberation war of Ukrainian people, for the Cossacks, who were, are and will be the pride and symbol of independence of the Ukrainian people. And under end, I concluded that I will say that games like in life: every game, every action has 2 sides. Therefore, the game is and helpful and harmful factors for today's children. You can play, but in moderation, and a genre of games that will allow child does not degrade and grow.

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