Mind And Resistance To Change In The Work

Ask advice to old and young, but follow your own common sense must know how to control the effects of the mind in everything that is opposed to face the changes, which prevents exit of the routine, which has already generated behavior that always shows the same. We must be open to changes, especially anything that encourages us in our growth, we ensure harmony, happiness, joy. We must build our lives always in terms of growth, to increase our experience, knowledge, giving opportunity to those changes that we encourage it. The management knows that is responsible for a human resource in which everyone shows their conduct, behavior, personality, needs, knowledge, experience, therefore you should consider so that when you are dealing with change like this could be considered impact on the points above, how this might affect them positively or negatively. You should evaluate the extent of change to be achieved with it, what is involved?, What is the real cost? What are its benefits? What accounts for the organization? What tools has to ensure that change does not create resistance? Management should therefore be considered as some have said: Perceptions: People tend to perceive things in a selective manner to suit a more comfort to their point of view of the world.

Having established an understanding of reality, they resist change. People will resist any change impacts on their lives. Personality: Some aspects of personality predispose some people to resist change such as: _ Dogmatism is the rigidity of a person's beliefs.

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