Nadine Kotre

She has seen the value of my project and offered themselves as helping visions-Baker, to transform the dream into reality.” The rewards, you can choose a financial support, range of their choice from a CD with Kokopellis inner World Music over tickets to a concert in the sanctuary or an international venue to an individual wedding ceremony in a place or the Sancturary. “The project save (y) our sanctuary” runs until October 3, 2011. What is the VisionBakery? The VisionBakery is a young Leipzig startup that supports creative in implementing their projects. There are many people with ideas in Germany, but only few of them are implemented. Often lack financial resources are the main reason. Ali Partovi understood the implications.

The VisionBakery offers a simple and non-bureaucratic way for the funding of projects. How Crowdfunding in the VisionBakery? The VisionBakery provides a platform with the infrastructure for Crowdfunding. It works by using the simple “Principle of all or nothing”. If you have an idea, can start a project on the platform and advertise there to financial support. As an incentive for a freely selectable sum, they offer rewards. Can be a signed album, tickets or even a mention as sponsor. The social networks are an important means to find supporters. Here, the project promoters to attract attention for themselves and their ideas.

It creates a project at a particular time not to collect the desired amount, all supporters to get back their amount. At the project ideas, the VisionBakery is open: can it projects from the fields of art and culture, research and science, social, sports, environmental, or completely different topics. It is only important that the initiator is behind his idea. What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding refers to a process of project financing where individual amounts of money via the Internet are collected by supporters and revealed a community larger sum of money. Especially in the cultural and Social popularity is growing this principle. Who is behind the VisionBakery? The team of VisionBakery consists of eight people. We are a young team from Leipzig, working with passion on the VisionBakery. We want to make a difference and facilitate the financing of creative ideas in Germany. Stephan Popp is the Managing Director of VisionBakery. Do you have any questions about this or another project? Want to learn more about the VisionBakery? Like we are for interviews available. Contact: Nadine Kotre PR and marketing Mobile: + 49 (0) 177 346 78 56 VisionBakery UG wind mill road 29 04107 Leipzig Managing Director: Stephan Popp phone: + 49 (0) 341 41 34 845 mobile: + 49 (0) 176 219 569 06 E-Mail: website: Twitter: VisionBakery blog: Facebook: VisionBakery

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